Are Movies Getting Better Than Past Movies?

Jack Trowbridge, Writer

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For years people have enjoyed attending movies, but are we past the best years of movies? Now a days we get more superhero and animated movies and it seems like less of the deep meaning stories. As technology is improving we are seeing more and more CGI in movies such as 2009’s Avatar and less on more practical effects. Movies are moving away from simple effects such as puppets and miniature sets. As years go by the stories in the movies seem to be either a hit or miss. Some people think the story aspect of new movies are getting worse. Math teacher Jed Johnson said, “Movies are getting worse, they focus on spectacle instead of the story.” Remakes are a big part of movies now a days.  From reviving Star Wars to remakes of classic children movies it just seems to be the popular thing to do. Some people tend to think they are more inclined to make remakes because old movies are in general better. Junior Kaitlyn Thompson said, “Older movies must be better if they are remaking all the Disney movies.”

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Are Movies Getting Better Than Past Movies?