The Mother Of All Bombs Lands in Afghanistan

Jack Trowbridge, Writer

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On April 13, the United States dropped a 21,600 pound bomb was dropped in Afghanistan on Islamic State tunnels. The GBU-43, nicknamed “MOAB” for “Massive Ordinance Air Blast,” or “Mother of All Bombs,” which costs 16 million dollars, was dropped on Asadkhel which is a small town that is home to old tunnels systems used by the Islamic State. Junior Andria McIntyre stated, “It needed to be done as they are getting more powerful and need to be stopped.” The tunnels stretched over 300 meters and were destroyed along with a large amount of machinery and explosives by the bomb. 96 Islamic State militants, four of which were Islamic State leaders, were killed in the blast. Most of the militants were from Pakistan, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Russia, and Uzbekistan. Islamic State has declared they lost no one in the bombing. An Islamic State broadcast declared, “We haven’t suffered any casualties from this bomb, we are fighting for the fate of the sake of God, who is much stronger than this bomb.” The bombs being dropped on Afghanistan like the “MOAB” is controversial as many are saying that the U.S. has already lost the war and are just delaying the inevitable. The war in Afghanistan has been going on longer than it should have and is costing the U.S. money and people. The bomb being dropped was the most expensive bomb the U.S. has, and using just one was 5 percent of the total amount the U.S. has. The next biggest bomb would cost 27 thousand, and compared to 16 million, it seems like using more of those would be smarter. People are saying that President Trump is great for dropping the bomb, but he actually had no say in it. General John Nicholson gave the order to drop the “MOAB.” Economics teacher Philip Trowbridge said, “You can’t give credit to Trump when he never gave the order, if you give any credit it should go to who ordered it.” Right now 70 percent of Americans agree with the bomb dropping. With Islamic State pushed back, the U.S. could be getting closer to having a handle on this war and stopping the powerful terror group.

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The Mother Of All Bombs Lands in Afghanistan