Best and Worst: Movies, Actors, and Actresses

Laura Bowen, Editor, Publisher

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As the school year is wrapping up, the Media Studies class has learned many things. In September, everyone learned the basics about writing for a newspaper. At the end of October, the class started writing for real. As school resumed after Christmas break, the class took a break from writing and focused on studying film. They learned how to analyze and professionally review movies. This year’s Journalism class put their heads together and figured out the best and worst movies, actors, and actresses—that is according to our class. Some opinions differed, which is natural, so we decided by popular vote. Below is the final list that the class decided. The movies and actors/actresses are not rated within each category. Remember—this is strictly opinion based.


Best Movies:

1.) Beauty and the Beast: Beauty and the Beast is just a long time favorite Disney classic. The makers of this movie were brave, because remakes are often flops. This was almost a unanimous vote. “They did such a good gob recreating a classic. How they made the beast was so cool—it wasn’t cheesy.” –Maddie Spilde

2.) The Dark Knight: This movie was awesome. The camera work, editing, and script were great. But, the real super star was Heath Ledger as the Joker.

3.) Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Monty Python is pretty much the British version of SNL. It was kind of a drama troupe. This movie that they made is so stupid at times that it’s funny. If you are a fan of British humor, this is the movie for you. “Every single line is just a classic line.”- Jack Trowbridge

4.) Forrest Gump: Some one once told me, “You aren’t American if you haven’t seen Forrest Gump.” I so agree with that. Forrest Gump is told from the perspective of a man who is slower, and it is so cool just to get a different perspective. It truly is an American gem. “It’s one of those movies that I can watch over and over.” –Kieran Johnson

5.) Pulp Fiction: FYI, I have never seen this movie. It, however, is on almost every list ever made that is titled “The Best Movies of All Time” or something along those lines. It is supposedly a masterpiece. “The way Tarantino set up the film to go back and forth…it plays with the mind and makes you have to think what is actually happening right now.”- Bryan Neels


Worst Movies:

1.) Jack and Jill: I personally have never seen this movie, but I remember when it came out. It looked like it was targeted at 2 year olds. It had seemed like it mainly used fart jokes, or something like that. It starred the used-to-be-funny Adam Sandler, who just needs to stop now.

2.) Paranormal Activity: Decent horror story, horrible acting. The idea is so cool; you watch these creepy demons go after this couple. The acting and the script was just downright bad. I could give this movie some credit, but the creators kept on making more movies in the franchise—all of which were extremely bad.

3.) Sausage Party: Again, this is a movie that I have never seen. However, it looked like it was just a crude movie, and I don’t like that kind of stuff. The students in the class all decided that this was one horrible movie.

4.) 2012: I actually watched this movie when it came out. This is an incredible feat because when it came out, I was deathly terrified of the apocalypse. After watching, even as a 6th grader, I thought that the movie was a complete joke. The special effects sucked, for lack of a better word.

5.) Good Day to Die Hard: I have not seen this movie, but I was surprised that the folks in the class voted on it. Apparently the plot line was just insufferable and completely not real. “Is it possible? No.”- Kieran Johnson

6.) Twilight: I will admit: I put this on the list. I am also not afraid to admit that I completely love Twilight—both the book and the movie. They are my guilty pleasures. I have read the book over five times and could probably reenact the entire movie perfectly. It still is just an overall bad movie with horrible acting and an equally horrible script. Edward wasn’t romantic, just creepy, and Kristen Stewart was totally not Bella at all. But you know what, I don’t care. I love Twilight in all of its ghastly glory. Plus, its soundtrack was so awesome.


Best Actors:

1.) Tom Hanks: From Big to Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan to Captain Phillips, Tom Hanks has just been spewing out Box Office hits since he got his start. Bonus points to him because he isn’t washed up yet.

2.) Johnny Depp: It’s a well-known fact that Johnny Depp and Tim Burton go hand in hand. Depp stars in almost every one of Burton’s movies—and most are so good. Burton is known for his wacky movies, and each are different and creative. Only one man could pull off that range of characters: Mr. Johnny Depp.

3.) Leonardo DiCaprio: It was shocking to find out that DiCaprio had never won an Oscar a few years back. I mean, look at all those deep and moving roles he played. He played Jack in Titanic, Cobb in Inception, Arnie in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and the award winning Hugh Glass in the movie The Revenant. All I can say is. About. Flipping. Time.

4.) Robin Williams: I don’t think that there has been a more big-hearted man in Hollywood. He had this goofy smile and laugh and just wanted to make people smile and laugh. He was so good at being funny, but he was also so good at making you feel the feels it sometimes felt like a punch in the stomach.

5.) Heath Ledger: This guy is an American jewel. It seems like everyone loves Ledger. He starred in The Princess Bride, Brokeback Mountain, 10 Things I Hate About You, A Knight’s Tale, and The Dark Knight. Basically every movie he whips out is a hit. There is a rumor that playing the Joker in The Dark Knight threw him over the edge, because he basically turned himself into the Joker. I’m not even kidding, this guy is a top notch actor—he truly knows how to act. He earned an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as The Joker, but he was not there to accept it because he died just a month before of drug overdose. However, his legacy lives on.

6.) Morgan Freeman: Many people know this man as the voice of God, because, as Madi Abarr said,He has a really cool voice.” He has played in The Shawshank Redemption, Bruce Almighty, Seven, Million-Dollar Baby, and so many more. Like Ledger, this guy can act. He masters any role given to him.


Worst Actors:

1.) Nick Cage: I don’t think I need to explain this one. This guy is a joke. I do have to give him credit for nailing the line, “I stole the Declaration of Independence.”

2.) Adam Sandler: Admitting that Adam Sandler was a really bad actor was really hard for me. I love his classic trio movies Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and Big Daddy. Those are so funny, but it just seems like after those movies, he just turned into a boring try hard flop. Aside from The Waterboy that is. “He uses his stupid jokes that aren’t funny and a high pitched voice” –Jack Trowbridge

3.) Tyler Perry: Much like Nick Cage, I don’t have to explain this one. However, I do like Cage as an actor at least a little more than Perry. Perry just thinks he is funny, which maybe at one point he was—meaning the first 2 minutes of the first Madea movie—but eight Madea movies are eight too many. Not to mention the Madea sitcom, which was just as, if not more so, bad as the movies.

4.) Arnold Swhartzenegger: I’m not going to lie, I grew up on Mr. Universe. I watched all of the Terminator movies on VCR, along with some of his other action movies. I will say that I agree with the class that I can’t really take him seriously.

5.) Shia LeBouf: He wore a paper bag on his head after he went nuts. He also only sold one movie ticket for his most recent flop. He should have stopped after The Even Stevens.


Best Actresses:

1.) Emma Watson: Many actors stay away from TV and movie franchises because they don’t want to be known for only a certain role. Emma Watson is the hole in the chain-link fence. She played Hermione Granger, and many thought that she would forever live in Harry Potter’s shadow. But she has gone on to be amazing in every movie she has ever done. “She can do such different role. She can be iconic in so many different movies.” –Maddie Spilde

2.) Betty White: I don’t necessarily agree with this, but hey, I can’t argue with the fact that she has been a star for over 50 years.

3.) Rachel McAdams: Rachel McAdams is a seriously good actress. She is so convincing.. She can play nice, good girls, but she can also play straight up “female dogs” (If you catch my drift).

4.) Jennifer Lawrence: Again, I don’t really agree with JLaw being one of the best actresses, but she is funny and really down to earth. I guess I can agree that in the movies that I have seen, she has been pretty good. In her defense, I haven’t seen many of Lawrence’s movies.


Worst Actresses:

1.) Kristen Stewart: If you were even remotely a fan of Twilight, then you probably despised Stewart’s attempt at Bella. Other anti-Stewarts don’t like her simply because of her face. They say that she just looks unpleasant and uncomfortable.

2.) Kim Kardashian: In Kim’s defense, she never claimed to be an actress. She is just a woman who likes hair and makeup. Also, she is kind of relatable in that she is an ugly crier (aren’t we all?), but that’s about it. Honestly, Kim K. doesn’t really bother me, but the majority has spoken—in class at least.

3.) Megan Fox: I agree with this. She uses her breasts and awesome figure to cover up her lack of acting ability. I don’t care how people dress, so I’m not chastising her about that, I’m just saying, if you can’t act, don’t claim to be an actor or actress.

4.) Paris Hilton: I know nothing about Paris Hilton. I know she had a reality TV show and was in House of Wax. I think people don’t like her because she is like your typical rich girl, complain-to-her-daddy. Otherwise, I don’t know.

5.) Anne Hathaway: I added Anne to the list personally. I want to love her, and to some degree I do. I love her in The Princess Diaries and Les Mis, but in all her other movies, she just tries too hard. I think she is just overhyped.


I just want to say again, this is only our opinion. If you really like Megan Fox as an actress, good for you. We don’t think any less of you, everyone has his or her opinion, and this was ours. Anyway, this was our list.


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Best and Worst: Movies, Actors, and Actresses