What are BHS students planning for Valentine’s Day?

Allison Peterson, Writer

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Seventh grader Brayden Bredman: Absolutely nothing




Eighth grader Preston Burnside: I’m going snowmobiling





Eighth grader Emily Schoenecker: Probably just hanging out and spending time with my boyfriend




Freshman Brayden Becker: Nothing special





Sophomore Matt Samuelson: Sitting at home playing Fortnite because I’m a lone wolf




Sophomore Mackinzie Leverson: Probably working





Junior Kendra Paulson: Going out to eat somewhere nice





Junior Firmian Elsholz: Staying home





Junior Mersadez Burnside: Getting a hotel room by myself and laying rose pedals on the bed




Senior Jalen Plath: I’ll be on vacation in the Dominican Republic





Senior Jaci Neels: I’m singing all day for change of pace and then going out to eat with my boyfriend





Senior McKenna Peterson: Going on a hot date


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What are BHS students planning for Valentine’s Day?