Who’s the Lady Behind the Big Smile in the Library?

Tessa Herman, Writer

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If you have online college as a class, are looking for a library book, or need to use the printer in the library, then you probably have had the pleasure of meeting our librarian, Susan Duval. She is always the first to meet you with a “Good Morning” and the go-to person to brighten up a Monday. Duval is working on her sixth year at Barnesville High and loves it here. She stated that her favorite thing about her job here at Barnesville is “the kids.” Duval grew up in Barnesville and lives here today. She has one son Myles, who was a graduate from Barnesville and is now 21 and a senior at NDSU. The school theatre productions and sporting events of all kinds are some things Duval likes to attend here at Barnesville High. Duval also enjoys arm knitting and reading in her spare time. Getting attached to students who attend school here is very common by staff members, and Duval is no exception. She stated that, “some even come back to visit.” As a big reader and an advocate for reading, Duval’s favorite book is “The One and Only Ivan “ because of its great message.” Susan Duval is a one-of-a-kind member of the Barnesville staff with a contagious positive outlook on life. Every student here at Barnesville should take the time to get to know this sweet-hearted lady.

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