Barnesville High School Senior, Nick Aadland

Kyuwon Lee, Writer

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Nick Aadland is senior at Barnesville High School. He wants to go NDSU after graduation. He wants to learn about engineering, join a couple academic clubs and do some intramural basketball. After college graduation, he will get a good paying job doing something he loves. He plans to stay in Minnesota unless a job opportunity pulls him elsewhere. He is currently playing basketball and bowling as external activities. His favorite subject is Calculus because he has fun doing Calculus. Other subjects that interest him are Physics and Robotics because he gets “to participate in projects and learn by doing things instead of by watching.” The most important thing to him is that he gets a good education and stays happy. He said that he is 90% satisfied with his school life “because I’m learning a lot of great things, but it can sometimes be a bit boring.”

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