Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Wylie Lewis, Writer

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Do you think that religion has an effect on sports? Barnesville is starting a group called FCA which stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This group is a bible study for athletes that want to express their faith. Senior Emily Spilde has some high expectations for this group: “I expect it to be a different bible study experience simply because I am used to being with students from only my church, so I think it will be interesting to hear some of my classmates’ different ideas and learn about their faith stories.”  The Fellowship of Christian Athletes could change the way athletes play and experience themselves in sports. Senior Elora Passa says, “I do believe it will make a big impact. Our school has not personally experienced a group like this, so it will bring new ideas. It will give new opportunities for Christian athletes at our school.” FCA is not a group in every school. A few smaller schools in our area, including Pelican and Hawley, have Fellowship of Christian Athletes. “I do think that it should be an option for every school, and I wish other schools had decided to start one earlier,” said Spilde. FCA can have an amazing impact on Christian athletes. If you would like to become a part of the group, go and talk to Mrs. Inniger. Fellowship of Christian Athletes is ready to become a part of Barnesville!

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