Snoball Dance

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Snoball Dance

Braden Berggren, Writer

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Last Saturday, February 2nd, Barnesville High School had their annual Snoball dance at the
school. This is the second dance out of the three Barnesville school has to offer and grades
9-12 are invited. There were a lot of people this year that came to the dance which was great!
There were five senior boys and five senior girls that were selected to be on Snoball court.
Senior Nick Swenson stated, “everyone should go to the dances, it’s a great time.” Everyone
that went to the dance could probably say that they had a great time, as it was all very fun.
Senior Wylie Lewis’s said her favorite part about the event was “watching the basketball game.
Also the limo ride was awesome!” All of the court, after their coronation to see who is King and
Queen, were able to ride in a limo which was a fun experience. This Snoball was different from
most because of the week before as it was a bad week for weather. Hopefully next year will be
just as great as this year!

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