Should Barnesville Change the Homecoming Voting Process?

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Should Barnesville Change the Homecoming Voting Process?

Natalie Votava, Writer

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How Barnesville chooses their king and queen for homecoming is different from any
other school in the HOL. Barnesville has grades 9-12 vote for five girls and five boys and once
the 10 seniors are decided, grades 9-12 again vote for their king and queen. Each school does it a
little bit different, but it’s almost the same. Pelican Rapids, Hawley, Breckenridge, Perham, and
DGF have the seniors vote for five girls and five boys, but have 9-12 vote for the king and
queen. Senior Claire Meyer said, “I feel like their system is better, because people your age
know you better than the younger kids.” The votes would be more accurate this way as well.
Senior Mersadez Burnside said, “I think it would be more fair if seniors voted and it would just
make more sense, because we shouldn’t have little kids voting for people they don’t even know.”
This also raises the question when to draw the line between what grades should vote and what
grades should not. At Ulen-Hitterdal and Lake Park-Audubon students 7-12 get to vote. These
two schools are also very small. Ulen-Hitterdal has about 138 students and Lake Park-Audubon
has around 288 students enrolled in their school. Some of the seventh graders might not even
know who the seniors are at the time and it might mess up who is voted for. Seventh Grader
Ashton Dunham said, “We should be able to vote because we are a part of the school.” Seventh
Grader Elisabeth Mulcahy also agreed with this statement. Overall there are many different ways
schools establish homecoming royalty, but what way do you think is the best?

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