Barnesville One Act Takes On Sections!

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Barnesville One Act Takes On Sections!

Caroline Redding, Editor

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On Saturday, February 2nd the Barnesville Theater Department showed their skills at the One Act Sections competition at WCA (West Central Area). They had moved on from a second place at their sub-sections in Hawley, first place going to Hawley High School.

They left Barnesville at 6:20 A.M. for the hour drive. Barnesville didn’t perform until 11:15 A.M.; however they wanted to watch their competition and they were glad they did. Junior Mattea Spaeth and senior Luke Tonsfeldt both enjoyed a show called ‘Rabbit’ that was put on by the West Central Area High School. Tonsfeldt, along with senior Elizabeth Bredman, also enjoyed ‘This Side of Heaven’ put on by Menagha High School.

Being a part of One Act is a lot of work: after-school rehearsals, line and blocking memorization, and hours building sets. Nevertheless, the participants always like something about the show. Spaeth likes “The uniqueness of our show only being able to say one word the whole time. It was a challenge and a test of our acting skills.” Tonsfeldt, however, liked his character the best, “my monologue was a fun challenge to take on, so the acting itself was a big highlight for me.”

With all the pressure to do well, they put a lot of effort into this show. No one more than the amazing director, Alissa Nibbe. Some in the cast even looked up to her for this show. “Alissa is definitely someone I look up to because she has been a big part of my life throughout my high school career,” said Tonsfeldt. Even Spaeth commented, “Alissa Nibbe. She pushes us the most at one act and she shows us her real director skills and I find I learn the most from her during one act.” She is such a big help to this program and to the kids’ abilities.

Performing, however, is a nerve-racking task. For some, it doesn’t always hit right away. “I wasn’t that nervous before because it wasn’t something new. But during the show about halfway through my scene with Luke, I started tearing up. While we were acting I realized that this was my last time performing a one act. Thankfully it was totally appropriate to cry right then, but it was still sad,” commented Bredman.  And others had a different reaction from junior Daniel Gerner, “It’s a bit of mixed feelings performing against other schools. You, of course, want your show to win, but seeing other shows performed changes your view on what is a “good show.”

These shows take lots of hard work. Barnesville didn’t place as well as desired, but they gave it their best shot. Everyone participating did very well and put on an amazing performance.


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