2017-2018 Staff

Cassidy Rood


Cassidy Rood is a senior at Barnesville High School. She loves to hangout with her friends and family. She plays volleyball in the fall and softball in the spring. In the Concert Band, she plays the trombone and has ever since...

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Allison Peterson


Allison Peterson is currently 17-year-old senior at Barnesville High School. You will most likely see her on the volleyball court twice a week in the fall with a number 2 jersey on. In the spring, she will be on the softball fie...

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Kaliya Roberts


Kaliya Roberts is a senior attending Barnesville High School. You will generally see her with winged eyeliner and a sweatshirt on. The most likely place to find her is in the high school choir room practicing. Although she has no...

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McKenna Peterson


McKenna Peterson is a senior at Barnesville high school. She is 17 years old and is very active. You will most likely see her in her sweatpants and a big sweatshirt unless she is force to dress up for game days. Another place...

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Hunter Wahl


Hunter is a senior at Barnesville High School and participates in the jazz band, concert band, and choir. Hunter loves to golf and participate in the school’s PaY group, which has lead her to realize she wants to work with people...

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Kaitlyn Lentz


Kaitlyn is a senior at Barnesville High School. She is involved in volleyball and National Honors Society. During the school day, you will most likely find her in the Library or wandering the halls. Other than school, Kaitlyn...

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Brooke Jenison


Brooke Jenison is currently a senior at Barnesville High. She has green eyes, dirty blonde hair, and is one of the shortest girls in her grade. Her favorite things to do are watch Netflix, dance, hang with her boyfriend and friends,...

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Emma Nielsen


Emma is a senior at Barnesville High School. She enjoys hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, and playing basketball. She is involved with many activities such as basketball, track, choir, Student Council, River watch, and...

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Shelby Berg


Shelby Berg is a 17-year-old senior in high school. She plays fast-pitch softball, takes part in PAY, is in book club, and is a Trojan crazy. In the mornings, you can find her pumping iron in the weight room. Throughout the school...

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Grace Mulcahy


Grace Mulcahy is an eighteen-year-old senior at Barnesville High School. Most of her summer was spent working at Renee’s Drive-In or at the lake. In the fall, Grace likes cheering on the Trojan football and volleyball teams!...

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Kaitlyn Thompson


Kaitlyn Thompson is a senior at Barnesville High School. A lover of music, she spends most of her spare time playing her four instruments: the flute, piano, guitar, and bass guitar. She also directs the youth choir at the Assumption...

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Ben Penner


This photo that is being used is a Senior Photo taken by “The Graffiti Bridge” about 1 mile west of his grandma’s farm by Hitterdal, MN. Ben Penner is a Senior at Barnesville High School. He is 18 years old, he’ll be...

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Logan Bang


Logan Bang is a senior at Barnesville High School. He has gone to school in Barnesville his entire life. A lot of his favorite things to do involve the outdoors. His favorite thing to do on his down time is dark house spearing...

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Tori Buckhouse


Tori   is   a   senior   at   BHS.   She   is   involved   in   PaY,   Book   Club,   and Cheerleading.   When   she   has   free   time,   she   can   probably   be   found   watching...

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