Allison Peterson
Allison Peterson is currently 17-year-old senior at Barnesville High School. You will most likely see her on the volleyball court twice a week in the fall with a number 2 jersey on. In the spring, she will be on the softball field with a number 4 jersey on. If you don’t see her at those places you will for sure see her running around with her friends. If she is home, her friends are there too. Allison is a people person, she loves being surrounding by people all the time. Nothing makes Allison happier than having a good time and making memories with great people. She has two older brothers that taunted her growing up, but she wouldn’t trade them for the world. Allison also loves to read, at home she has a bookshelf full of books she adores. As a child reading wasn’t her favorite thing but now most days she would take that over a movie. While summer is always full of good memories for her, fall is her favorite time of the year. Allison loves Halloween and all the great times that goes a long with it. She has yet to decide her future plans but she knows it is something to look forward to.

Allison Peterson, Writer

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