Ben Penner
This photo that is being used is a Senior Photo taken by “The Graffiti Bridge” about 1 mile west of his grandma’s farm by Hitterdal, MN.

Ben Penner is a Senior at Barnesville High School. He is 18 years old, he’ll be turning 19 over Christmas Break. Ben was born in Dodge City, Kansas. He lived in Kansas in 3 different cities in 4 years. Ben lived in Garden City, Greensburg, and Dighton. Ben went to Early Head Start 1 year there and moved to Minnesota at 4 years old in the year 2003. That very same Summer, he had quite a “Roller Coaster” of an adventure moving to Minnesota. About a month after he moved to Mahnomen MN, his dad died in a tragic trucking accident with a freight train. Ben started Early Head Start in Mahnomen that Fall. He had one main friend in Mahnomen, his name is Owen Refshaw. He moved to Eagle Bend, MN in 5th Grade and goes to the high school there, Owen is currently a Senior as well. His last year of school was 5th grade. Ben moved to Barnesville after his 6th Grade Year because of the many family members and family history he has here. While Ben attended Mahnomen Elementary, he was diagnosed with Asberger’s Syndrome in 3rd Grade. That’s a high-functioning form of Autism, today, he barely shows any signs of it but he hasn’t gone away like the Flu. Ben started school in 7th Grade, and has loved it ever since. He has made a few friends at the new school. He has had many ups and downs in both schools but loves it in Barnesville High. Throughout the years at both schools, he has learned how to deal with bullies and people who give him a hard time. He is looking forward to his Senior Year and and wants to make the best of his senior year. He wants to remember everything that he did in school with his friends and hopes to keep in touch with his friends many years after graduation. Ben likes to keep busy with his hobbies and with work, and a few odd jobs here and there. His favorite food is Hamburgers, his favorite drink is Dr Pepper. He is lactose intolerant, so he can’t have Ice Cream without Lactate pills. Some of Ben’s hobbies are drawing, riding bike around town, playing and listening to music, on YouTube, playing around with model trains, playing with R/C cars, trains and boats, designing and building things on Minecraft, playing Driver San Francisco, building things and making short films with his Legos, and reading and listening to the Bible too. If Ben isn’t messing around with his hobbies, you’ll see him hanging out with his family and friends, making videos, hanging out and having fun on road trips every once and awhile. If Ben isn’t hanging out with his family or friends, he’s working a few odd jobs here and their. A few of his jobs are mowing lawns, cleaning the local church he goes to, and helping the landlord with a few tasks. Ben doesn’t have a job during the school year, because he is more focused on homework and school activities that he doesn’t have time for a part time job. He had a job last summer working at Cash Wise in Fargo, ND. He worked in the Meat Department cleaning and restocking shelves, he also got their selection Steak or fish in the display case. He quit working their once his Junior Year came around because he didn’t think that there would be time between school, football and work. From 8th grade to 11th grade, Ben was a Manager for the football team and made a lot of memories there too. He decided to quit that because he got tired of that and thought that it just wasn’t for him anymore and decided to focus more on finishing high school and looking for a good college. After Ben graduates he either wants to become a Police Officer or an Architect. He can’t decide yet whether to go to Alexandria Technical and Community College (ATCC), North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) in Whapeton, ND, or Minnesota State Community and Technical College (MState). So far, he is leaning more towards being an Architect because there is more money and it’s less dangerous, and he’ll minor in Robotics because he loves building things and is interested in what Robotics has to offer. While Ben is going to college in Moorhead or Whapeton, he is going to go back to Cash Wise, and drive the Delivery Van and deliver people’s groceries. He wanted to do that first, but he wasn’t of age at the time but now he is. You have to be 18 to drive them. Ben absolutely hates it when people pull pranks on him or other people, so he doesn’t pull pranks because he knows how it feels and he feels guilty pulling pranks too. Ben will, however, joke around with his friends. Ben is looking forward to sharing the news with everyone at Barnesville High through the Trojan Turf.

Ben Penner, Writer

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