Bryan Neels
Bryan Neels is a senior at Barnesville High School. Bryan is a different character from the rest of the kids his age. He has many different talents and skills as well. For example, he has been the Powderpuff Football Head Coach for the past two years leading his girls to an upset victory against the seniors last year and a heartbreaking loss his senior year to his little sister's team. This ended his coaching career at 1-1. Bryan can also solve a Rubix cube in under two minutes. His favorite type of music is Rap/Hip-Hop with his favorite artists being Logic, Hoodie Allen, and G-Eazy. Along with his love for rap music, Bryan has been known to freestyle along to rap beats when he is with his friends and has also been known to participate in rap battles among his peers. On the other side, he is allergic to many things. This list includes cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, and horses (that's just the start). That being said, Bryan has a pet dog named Diesel. He also enjoys school. He has filled his senior year with little to no extreme classes. Bryan is very interested in the field of medicine. He was born into a family of nurses, but he wants to pursue his studies in the field of psychology. His goal is to help treat people dealing with mental illnesses.

Bryan Neels, Writer

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