Jack Trowbridge
Jack Trowbridge is a junior at Barnesville High School. His favorite thing is playing sports, such as football and baseball. In football, he is the starting right tackle for varsity football and is a first baseman in baseball. He is a hard worker, as he goes in and lifts before school and in class to get better for these sports.
He enjoys the little things in life such as watching Minnesota sports teams and being with his dog, Max the Mastiff. He likes to eat cheeseburgers and drink Arnold Palmers. He works as a little league baseball coach for the 6th grade team and a coach for the 4th grade team. He is usually busy doing homework or doing nothing; he mostly enjoys doing nothing over anything else. He loves classic rock, alternative rock, and classic country. His favorite bands and artists include the Beatles, Johnny Cash, and Led Zeppelin.
He is the middle child of his family. His older brother is a freshman in college and his little sister is a 6th grader. His dad is his football coach, his economics teacher, and his study hall teacher. His mom works multiple jobs. His dog follows him everywhere he goes as they have been together for eight years.

Jack Trowbridge, Writer

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