Kaitlyn Thompson
Kaitlyn Thompson is a senior at Barnesville High School. A lover of music, she spends most of her spare time playing her four instruments: the flute, piano, guitar, and bass guitar. She also directs the youth choir at the Assumption Catholic Church and teaches Sunday School there as well. Throughout her younger years and still today, Kaitlyn has always loved reading and writing. She is always correcting her friends’ grammar, and one year for Christmas, a friend even got her a mug that says, “You had me at the proper use of ‘you’re.’” Another fun fact about Kaitlyn is that she absolutely loves coffee. She cannot physically or mentally go a day without it. Her collection of mugs is quite impressive because she is obsessed with buying mugs. Kaitlyn has always enjoyed being outdoors and loves going mudding, hunting, and fishing with her dad. As for post-high school plans, Kaitlyn will be attending the University of Minnesota Duluth to get her bachelor’s degree in social work, and hopefully work in child services. A lover of adventure, she also plans to do a lot of traveling throughout her college years! Her biggest focus right now is to simply have fun and enjoy her last year of high school before she is thrown into the world of adulthood.

Kaitlyn Thompson, Editor

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