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Kyuwon Lee
Kyuwon Lee is in 11th grade at Barnesville High School. She used to go to Suhmoon Girls' High School in Korea, but now she is an exchange student at Barnesville High School. She was in a drama club in Korea. Since she want to be a director, she expected to join the drama club and developed her dream even more. But she acted there as an actor. Other seniors and teachers praised her performance. She went to a play festival or performed in the club. The following year she led the club as head of the club. She also made a club at school called Filmmakers and made videos with her friends. She likes watching movies and debating, reading books and debating, writing, or dancing. She had to go to a nearby movie theater once a week to watch it. She also liked to buy new books once a month and smell them. Movies and books were a great inspiration to her. She wasn't very good at dancing, but she liked to dance to others' dances. She later liked to show others the dance she practiced. She likes to hang out with her friends. This is because there are so many fun things to do in Seoul. She collected clothes or cosmetics as a hobby. She had two large closets and inside it was full of clothes. She wanted to learn how to direct in order to become a director later. Her current goal is to enter the Department of Drama and Film at Chung-Ang University or Dankook University in the metropolitan area. She had a shy personality, but she was quite active and funny.

kyuwon lee, Writer

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