Maddie Spilde
Maddie Spilde is currently a senior at Barnesville High.  You will most likely only see her in sweatpants or shorts unless it is a game day and she is forced to dress up. You will also notice her on the volleyball court, as she will be wearing the wrong color jersey. She is libero and captain on the volleyball team. Other than volleyball, she keeps herself busy with organizing Philanthropy and Youth and helping with other school functions. She is a very dedicated softball player and is found sitting behind home plate(catcher) during a game. Maddie may often be found in the library before the bell rings because she likes to get a head start on her morning. Don’t expect Maddie to be late to anything as she is a worrywart and likes to be on time. Her friends often call her the “mom” of the group. She likes to follow the rules and do everything by the book. If you ever need to talk to someone, go find Maddie as she will sit and listen and hopefully give you some advice.  She can be found hanging around in the commons at lunch if you want to stop by and say hi.  

Maddie Spilde, Editor

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