Maverick Delaney
Maverick is a person that lives to do many things that involves the outdoors. One of his favorite activities would definitely be deer hunting because it's a bigger animal that you have to take down and you really have to work for it sometimes which makes it more fun. He always loves to go out and experience the adventures and by doing that prepares for the real world by knowing what to actually do. The second favorite activity that he loves to do outside is four wheeling because of the speed and all the stuff that is in store. Camping is not one of the things that he likes to do because it really is not that cheap anymore and is not as fun as hunting or doing fun stuff like that. Next on his list would definitely be fishing because it is a risk of being really boring or being super exciting! He loves to do all of these kinds of activities, they all can be very very expensive. Sometimes Maverick just likes to play catch with the football or baseball sometimes because it gives him something to do instead of just sitting around. That is one of the many things that he loves to do.

Maverick Delaney, Writer

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