Shelby Berg
Shelby Berg is a 17-year-old senior in high school. She plays fast-pitch softball, takes part in PAY, is in book club, and is a Trojan crazy. In the mornings, you can find her pumping iron in the weight room. Throughout the school day, she’s usually in the library drinking some chai tea and talking with her friends. Usually, when she is bored she’s running around pranking people, especially one of her good friends. You’ll also see her at every home sporting event in the front row cheering. Outside of school, Shelby is an adventurer and is always down to go on road trips or try new things. With her and her friends, they’re always doing something spontaneous. After school, if she isn’t with her friends or family, she’s either working at Renee’s Drive-In or the Tesoro gas station. You can also expect her to be making runs to the local town library when she’s in the mood for a Harry Potter marathon. Shelby is also a lover of music and frequently goes to concerts. At home, she’s always cleaning and organizing things or cooking with her boyfriend. If you ask her about food, Shelby will mention her favorite restaurant is Jin Hu, a Chinese place in Perham, Minnesota. Her favorite season is fall, and she loves everything about it including the weather, colors, smells, and activities. One of her favorite things in the summer or fall is riding bike through Maplewood state park. If you’re ever curious to know more about Shelby, you’re more than likely to run into her in the school halls or at various places in Barnesville.

Shelby Berg, Writer

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